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Goodwill Mission Stories



Taking Ownership of Tasks

Mikayla’s first rotation was in the Aquatic and Reptiles Center. She was very thorough when performing her tasks and took ownership of them. Her tasks included cleaning the cricket bins, harvesting and hatching brine-shrimp (sea monkeys), preparing lizard and tortoise salads, and cutting fish for the Amazon River tank and Pacific tank.
The manager, Billie, mentioned on more than one occasion how helpful it is to have an intern there, especially when they are short-staffed.

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Reliable and Accountable

Dan’s many talents were demonstrated during his first rotation in the Flamingo Café (Food Services). He helped clean the dining room daily and restocked cups/utensils/condiments/chips, and some food prep which included making popcorn, cotton candy, warm pretzels, pudding cups, and grilled cheese.

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Mr. Clean

Trevor, a Project SEARCH intern at the Milwaukee County Zoo, completed his first rotation In December 2015. He worked in the Commissary department where he was responsible for helping fill food orders that were delivered to the animal buildings. He would also clean the hay barn and other areas around the building.

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Lunch with King

King successfully completed his first rotation in December as a Project SEARCH intern at the Milwaukee County Zoo. He worked in the Education department. He did most of the prep work for the classes that included die casting, animal shapes, taking inventory of classroom supplies, tracing animals, and cutting and gluing.

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Personal and Professional Growth

Terra worked in the Zoological Society for her first rotation. She really came out of her shell during this internship. Terra is usually shy and soft spoken, but by the end of her rotation, she was able to contribute to her coworkers’ discussions and able to initiate conversations with people.

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A Trustworthy Worker

Liz worked in the Small Mammals department for her first rotation. She handled her food prep duties well—one that even included “bat salad” made of a mixture of bananas, cottage cheese, and dog food! Liz also cleaned dishes after the bats and animals were done eating.

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