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Put your financial donation to work in your community.

Where Your Money Goes


Goodwill prides itself on being a good steward of resources given to us by our donors. Financial contributions play an important role in our ability to carry out our mission and provide access to programs and services that prepare individuals for today’s workforce. In metropolitan Chicago some of our donations are used to fund our Workforce Connection Centers.

At these centers, individuals can participate in resume building and interviewing workshops, search local job listings, interview on-site with employers looking to fill open positions, use computers and the internet, and request help setting up email accounts and filling out job applications.

In 2018, our mission services, including the Workforce Connection Centers, served 7,194 individuals throughout metro Chicago.

For 2019 and 2020, Goodwill is investing in new software which can help those we serve identify gaps – especially in soft skills – and then personalize a skill development plan based on each individual. Some of the soft skills targeted by this program include flexibility and adaptability; self-awareness; critical thinking and accountability.

Donor Privacy Policy

Our financial donors’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. Please visit our Donor Privacy Policy page to learn how Goodwill protects the privacy of our donors.

Annual Report

If you would like to learn more about where your money goes, visit our Annual Report page. Here you will learn about our accomplishments from the past year with the community, amazing stories of people receiving services and a financial summary.


Mission Story

Starting a new job can be exciting but also has its challenges, especially when a person is changing careers. Yvonne spent much of her working life in an office setting and decided she wanted something different. She became interested in truck driving and found that working a different schedule and being on the open road was a welcome change.

Success Story-YvonneLooking to establish herself in a male dominated field, Yvonne strived to find a company that allowed her to perform her job in a safe and fair manner and also provided training opportunities to sharpen her skills. She started jobs with a few companies that did not live up to their promise and Yvonne was determined to work for one that did.

Yvonne began regularly visiting Goodwill’s Workforce Connection Center(WCC) in her search for the right company. At the WCC, she was able to utilize a variety of resources including resume and interview workshops, as well as one-on-one assistance and meeting with employers during on-site hiring events.

With the support of WCC staff, Yvonne was able to update her resume and complete several job applications. She also attended a driver’s education course at a local truck driving school to improve her skills while waiting for the right job fit to come along.

Yvonne has made great strides in reaching her goals. She was hired by a freight transportation company last fall and hopes to work there for several years. Yvonne continues to set goals for her success in this new position – to maintain a role with the company, stay safe on the roads, and never stop learning what she can about driving.

Goodwill is proud to support Yvonne’s hard work and determination in achieving her goals. One WCC employee who worked with Yvonne shared, “Yvonne is a strong woman with a passion for working in an industry dominated by men. She values her strengths and talents and leverages those to do the best she can every day.”