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Put your financial donation to work in your community.

Where Your Money Goes


Goodwill prides itself on being a good steward of resources given to us by our donors. Financial contributions play a significant role in our ability to carry out our mission and provide access to programs and services that prepare individuals for today’s workforce.

Contributions help foster expansion and innovation to tackle community challenges, allowing Goodwill to create and improve services that move individuals toward personal and professional success.

When you donate to Goodwill, you’re making an investment in people, strengthening families and communities, and energizing the economy.

Your financial contributions help support important workforce development programs and support services for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages, including through our Workforce Connection Centers and Community Access Points.

At Goodwill’s Workforce Connection Centers and Community Access Points, individuals can receive assistance searching local job listings, participate in resume building and interviewing workshops, interview on-site with employers looking to fill open positions, access computers and the internet, and request help setting up email accounts and filling out job applications. Currently, there are three Workforce Connection Centers in metro Chicago and we partner with six library locations, including two Chicago Public Library branch locations for our Community Access Points. Services at all locations are provided free of charge for anyone seeking help finding a job.

Donor Privacy Policy

Our financial donors’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. Please visit our Donor Privacy Policy page to learn how Goodwill protects the privacy of our donors.

Annual Report

If you would like to learn more about where your money goes, visit our Annual Report page. Here you will learn about our accomplishments from the past year with the community, amazing stories of people receiving services and a financial summary.



Mission Story

Returning to the workforce after retiring can be a challenge. With changes in technology, knowing how to find and apply for jobs can be difficult for many older adults. Today, job seeking requires computer skills, internet access, and knowledge of employment-related websites to find work opportunities. At Goodwill, we have the training, resources and staff to help people find jobs no matter their stage in life.

Geri E. walked into one of our Workforce Connection Centers (WCC) in February of 2019, seeking support in returning to the workforce after being retired for a year.

Geri E. walked into one of our Workforce Connection Centers (WCC) in February of 2019, seeking support in returning to the workforce after being retired for a year. Geri was looking for an entry-level position with a company that cared for the community; she wanted to be a part of something that gave her joy and purpose, in a fulfilling role that allowed her to grow with the company.

The WCC staff helped Geri access employment opportunities, update her resume, and connect with organizations that were not only reputable, but also served the community. A local zoo was identified as a potential great fit for Geri.

Geri attended an onsite recruitment event for the zoo held at the WCC in April of 2019 and applied for multiple positions that fit her skills. Just one month later, she was offered the position of Motor Tram Driver. Geri has checked in with the WCC staff, on multiple occasions, to share how happy she is and how impressed she is by the zoo’s culture. She is thrilled to be learning so much in her new job and hopes for a long future with the zoo.

Geri is just one of the many older adults we have had the pleasure of helping at our Workforce Connection Centers. Our WCCs bridge the gap between the job seeker and local companies, and provide an array of services including resume assistance, job preparation workshops, access to computers and other technology, job leads and employer recruitment sessions. WCCs are completely self-funded by Goodwill and services are provided at no charge to anyone seeking help finding a job. Currently, Goodwill operates three WCCs in metropolitan Chicago.