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Goodwill Mission Stories



Steve-1For many, the perfect job means loving what you do, enjoying who you work with and still having time for your hobbies. For Steve, the perfect job also means independence and a chance to fit in. Steve found all of this, and more, at Goodwill.Life before Goodwill was challenging for Steve, who often finds himself feeling lost in the world due toSteve-2 mental health issues. He didn’t feel supported by previous employers and found it hard to maintain jobs. Steve knew he wanted consistency in both his work and personal life.

Steve’s counselor at the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) helped him find a position at Goodwill doing manufacturing work. His commitment to his job was evident – taking up to two buses and walking an additional four miles to get to work each day. Steve’s Goodwill manager saw transportation was a challenge and worked with his DVR Counselor to help Steve transition to Goodwill Laundry & Linen, which offered a much shorter bus ride and avoided additional walking.

Steve blossomed in this new job; he is now living the dream many of us have – to not only enjoy working but creating long-standing friendships with coworkers. The stability he has found at Goodwill allows him more time for his hobby of collecting and playing musical instruments, which has always been a healthy outlet for Steve to express the feelings he cannot often verbalize. He thrives knowing he is working alongside people that he can relate to, and no longer feels alone. “I love working with people who understand me,” he says.Steve-3