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About Goodwill

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Process Improvement

Lean2Goodwill is committed to being a lean enterprise and a responsible steward of all human, financial, and physical resources in order to further our mission. Quality and process improvement are connected—we are dedicated to performing our work efficiently so that we can deliver the best value/quality to our customers.  

Our formal efforts in continuous process improvement date back to 2000, centering on the principle of respect for people.  Kaizen events and a problem-solving culture have had a positive impact on many of our operating and service areas. Since 2006, our Work Services, Laundry, and Goodwill Manufacturing areas have been ISO certified—a quality credential that also helps drive continuous improvement.

Building on our successful efforts in Kaizen and ISO-9001, Goodwill continues to focus on continuous process improvement through organization-wide training and initiatives. The ongoing implementation of process improvement throughout Goodwill is one of our highest priorities.