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Advanced Employment Skills Workshops

Goodwill offers Advanced Employment Skills WorkshopsAfter individuals successfully complete the Pre-employment Skills workshop, Goodwill offers them the option to continue their education. The Advanced Employment workshops allows them to choose a specific career path such as customer service/retail. Individuals will receive classroom training, job coaching and hands-on experience in the various industries. They are required to attend all classes as well as their on-site internship.

Goodwill staff helps individuals find the right match for their skills and abilities. Job coaching may occur either remotely or on-site to ensure job success. Goodwill staff maintains close relationships with individuals to help them sustain their employment.


Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago, Inc.
6054 S. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60636

For hours and information contact us at (773) 627-5770 to learn more.

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