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Goodwill Employer Resources

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Customized Training

Goodwill Offers Customized TrainingGoodwill’s expertise in Workforce Development makes us an excellent resource for employers needing training customized to fit your business needs.  We can supply you with a workforce that we recruit, train and support to your specifications, or we can work with you to develop trainings that advance your existing workforce.

Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service Training focuses on providing the support for students to achieve an exceptional standard of interacting and engaging with customers in a professional and proactive manner.   Goodwill helps students to understand the expectations and responsibilities of providing exceptional customer service.  Students learn outstanding communication skills, how to work with a variety of people, and as well as how to use applicable technology to support the business unit.

Soft Skills Training

Goodwill has a comprehensive array of training options that provide participants with the skills to be successful on the job.  Training topics include:  problem-solving, decision making, employer expectations, interpersonal skills, practical work activities and team work.  Before individuals are accepted into our programs Goodwill carefully prescreens them for their aptitude to successfully complete the training program.  This process ensures that employers will have a pool of qualified, reliable and dedicated candidates from which they can hire to meet their business needs.

Contact our Intake Coordinator at (855) 455-1110 to make a referral or for more information.

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